Logo Draft

logo sketch Davis-logo

When I first started this project I was unsure what I wanted to make my logo look like but when I thought about my theme for the blog, about me, I decided that something to do with my family would be suitable. I chose to make a tree with my last name on it, representing my family tree. The sketch on the left was my original idea for the logo and the picture on the right is my changed version of the sketch on Adobe Illustrator. I created the leaves on the tree using the ellipse tool and intersecting the trees in a tree like manner. I erased the lines between the different ellipses by using the pathfinder tool to unite the image to one image. I created the tree trunks and branches using the rectangle tool, copy and pasting the rectangles and adjusting them using the rotatory tool to where I wanted them to be in order to represent branches. I again used the pathfinder and unite tools to make the trunk and branches one image. I chose colors for both images that were close to what I wanted and then used the gradient tool to give a lighting effect to the image. I put lighter colors of the shades I wanted on the right side of the gradient bar and darker colors of the shades I wanted on the left. I then used the slides to adjust the blend between the two colors and make it look like there was a light coming from the top right corner of the image. I tried to find a good balance between the colors to unite the images to one logo. I then added my last name, Davis, using the type tool and changing the font to AR darling and the font to 72. I then added a shadow effect to the name to blend it into the picture in a more visually appealing way. I then centered the name to the tree and trunk.


Final Graphic Collage



I choose to make my collage on the Marine Corps because I am aspiring to become a United States Marine Corps Officer after graduating college. I chose pictures that I felt represented some of the most important thoughts, values and skills of the Marine Corps to include in my collage. I chose to make the American Flag my background when doing my draft and centered the rest of the pictures on the idea of supporting the American Flag. The pictures are intertwined with the Flag to show that the Marine Corps and the American Flag are intimately intertwined.

With this first draft I failed to cut many of the pictures in a way that would be easy to blend into the flag and to create shadows that would make the pictures seem more natural. I had to revise this when creating my final draft; I cut the sniper picture down to just the nipper by using the erase tool and zooming into the picture. I rounded off the salute picture by using the eraser to cut corners and then by using the smudge tool to round the image out and give it a shadow like effect. For all of my pictures I used the blend if selections in the layer style pop up in order to erase the images in accordance with certain lines of the flag.

One of my peers had committed on my first draft that having the flag intersect the medallions was distracting to the importance of the medallions, but with some help I decided that the flag was the focus and that I was able to appreciate the image more with the flag on top of the medallions. I also changed the font and orientation of some of the photos because of feedback I had received. I made the quote more prominent by using the outer glow option in the layer style section and by choosing a more effective font to portray the ideas of the quote. I also changed the direction of the tank in order to portray it as if it were in action due to the suggestion from my TA. In addition I erased the small flag in the corner because due to the way I had chosen to combine the photos someone who had did not know the memorial that the flag was connected to would be confused by the appearance of a second flag.

Overall I was pleased with my final draft of my collage, this was my first time using photo shop and I enjoyed being able to use my creative abilities to work on a project that I was interested in.

My Sources:

Photo Collage Rough Draft


This is the rough draft of my photo collage. I chose to theme my collage after the Marine Corps because I am hoping to become a Marine Corps officer upon graduation from Washington State University. I used http://www.dotgovwatch.com/, http://www.dot.gov/grow-america, http://www.dvidshub.net/ as resources to find the pictures that I used in my collage. The emblem in the top right corner is the Marine Corps’ emblem. The picture to the left of the Marine Corps emblem is a picture of a officer saluting, this picture shows a little of how the Marine Corps operates, with honor and respect. In the bottom left corner is the emblem for the Marine Corps base in Quantico Virginia where many members of the Marine Corps are trained. Underneath the quote there is a picture of a Marine Corps rifleman and a Marine Corps tank. Both of these pictures show the power, specialty and skill of the Marine Corps, both on their own through the rifleman and with technology through the tank. In the bottom right corner there is a picture of the US Marine Corps War Memorial near Washington D.C. being a memorial this picture shows the United States appreciation for the Marine Corps and what the Corps has done for the United States during times of war. The quote is by John Paul Jones, a famous Captain during the American Revolution. “I have not yet begun to fight” was Captain John Paul Jones response when he was asked to surrender by an English vessel. I chose to integrate the pictures as if they were part of the American Flag to show how the Marine Corps and the military as a whole are part of the nation in an intimate way. I used the blend tool to lessen or increase the dark or light colors seen in each picture in order to make it appear that the pictures were part of the American flag. I also added a shadow to most of the pictures and had to erase the background on some in order to make them fit in as seamless as possible.I Used levels to add different levels of light and opacity to pictures until I felt that the pictures blended together well. I enjoyed working on this rough draft and look forward to improving the collage.

A Fresh Start

I am surrounded by new people, living in a new state, experiencing colder climates and thrilled to be living through it all. I was born in Albuquerque New Mexico where I lived until I graduated high school, I recently made the move to Pullman Washington to attend Washington State University and obtain a Chinese degree.

When I was growing up I was given the opportunity to try a wide variety of different activities and hobbies. One of my favorite pass times was to play sports. I competed in tennis, track and field, basketball and swimming. While I was participating in my favorite sports to keep me active I developed a love for music. I learned to sing, play the oboe, play the saxophone, play the piano and play the trumpet.

My desire to stay busy and active as a child never changed as I grew up. I picked my favorites from the organized activities I participated in as a child and chose to continue them at a more competitive level through high school. I joined the Eldorado High School swim team, concert band, marching band, show choir and concert choir my freshman year of high school and continued in all but band until I graduated.

Senior year the question what do you want to do when you grow up became a lot more serious and relevant then it was when I was a young child. In an effort to answer this question for myself I decide to apply for the NROTC scholarship in dreams of being in the United States Marine. After a few long months of training, applications and waiting I received my scholarship to attend Washington State University and become a member of the NROTC UI/WSU battalion.

These are the activities and accomplishments I have been involved with but they do not say who I am as a person. I am an energetic person, a go-doer, a curious cat, a creative mind and a woman striving to learn new ideas and skills. I struggle to stay still but also fine comfort in relaxation. I am Kaisha Davis.

To learn more about me go to: https://daviskaisha.wordpress.com/about/