A Fresh Start

I am surrounded by new people, living in a new state, experiencing colder climates and thrilled to be living through it all. I was born in Albuquerque New Mexico where I lived until I graduated high school, I recently made the move to Pullman Washington to attend Washington State University and obtain a Chinese degree.

When I was growing up I was given the opportunity to try a wide variety of different activities and hobbies. One of my favorite pass times was to play sports. I competed in tennis, track and field, basketball and swimming. While I was participating in my favorite sports to keep me active I developed a love for music. I learned to sing, play the oboe, play the saxophone, play the piano and play the trumpet.

My desire to stay busy and active as a child never changed as I grew up. I picked my favorites from the organized activities I participated in as a child and chose to continue them at a more competitive level through high school. I joined the Eldorado High School swim team, concert band, marching band, show choir and concert choir my freshman year of high school and continued in all but band until I graduated.

Senior year the question what do you want to do when you grow up became a lot more serious and relevant then it was when I was a young child. In an effort to answer this question for myself I decide to apply for the NROTC scholarship in dreams of being in the United States Marine. After a few long months of training, applications and waiting I received my scholarship to attend Washington State University and become a member of the NROTC UI/WSU battalion.

These are the activities and accomplishments I have been involved with but they do not say who I am as a person. I am anĀ energetic person, a go-doer, a curious cat, a creative mind and a woman striving to learn new ideas and skills. I struggle to stay still but also fine comfort in relaxation. I am Kaisha Davis.

To learn more about me go to: https://daviskaisha.wordpress.com/about/