Final Blog Post

All of the projects that I did during the class were new and useful skills for me to learn but my favorite project was the photo collage project because I feel that the skills I learned during the photo collage project will be the most applicable for me in the future in various classes I will take. Being able to change pictures and make different designs the way that I want them will allow me to make projects for future classes that will be more applicable to the subject I am presenting on. Being able to make a video will also be useful when making projects for other classes and as I move through life for various personal entertainment and fun projects. After getting my degree I will be serving in the military for 4 years and then either staying in the military or applying for an investigatory job. I had already planned on what wanted my career to be prior to taking this class but I did find that this class helped me to become more creative on my ideas and since I did many projects based my experiences so far in ROTC I was apply to apply m desired career field into the class. I cannot think of a skill that I would have wanted to learn in the class because I don’t know much about the communication field as a whole. All the websites that I used to find materials for my projects were websites recommended by the class; I found creative commons to be especially useful. There were a few projects in which I wasn’t sure what exactly the project was supposed to look like, in some cases this helped me to be more creative but in other cases I felt that I just had no idea where to go with the project. I also thought that grading in the class could be difficult because what one person prefers a project to look like could be different than another’s so a good project could be subjective. There were some times I would change a project because of something that my peers had recommended but then I got marked down for that change on the final project. I learned a lot of new technical skills during this class and enjoyed being able to use my own ideas and resources to make the projects.