Video Project Draft

I decided to make my video project about how to make a duct tape flower because I enjoy all of the fun and different crafts that you can make with duct tape and flowers would be the best tutorial to do in order to make the video stay within the time limits. I began by videotaping an introduction of myself using my lap top camera and stating my name, what I am doing and why I am doing this project. I then recorded a video of myself making the duct tape flower. When I was finished with these two videos I made a video to be the hook at the begging by zooming in close to the center of the flower and then zooming out until the whole flower was visible. When putting the video together I began with the hook video of the flower and added music from the creative commons website. I then had the hook video cross dissolve into the video of my introducing the project and faded the music so that the introduction and tutorial would be audible. I left the music at this low level for the remainder of the video. I then dipped to white in order to add the video of my actual tutorial. The tutorial I had originally recorded was about six minutes so I needed to pick only the essentials of the video to put into my finally project. I cut what I thought was the most important part of the tutorial and added it into my project. I then used the film dissolve transition in order to add the short video of what the end result of the flower should look like. At the end I dipped to black to a title screen that says thank you and finally faded the thank you slide into a dip to black again to conclude the video.

Video Script:

I am going to open with a close up on a premade duct tape flower and then zoom out till the whole flower is visible. There will also be music playing at the start of the video and as the first video cross dissolves into the video of me introducing the project then the music will fade to a lower level. Following the introduction clip there will be a transition into my tutorial on how to make the duct tape flower. After the tutorial there is a quick clip of me showing what the flower should look like when you have finished and then a fade out to a thank you title. Throughout the entire video there will be music playing in the background of the video.


One comment

  1. daviskaisha · April 27, 2015

    At one point in the video my hands get blurry so I think it would be beneficial to rerecord that part and switch the video out, there is also one short segment where I let my hands get of screen that I may want to try and rerecord in order to avoid confusion. I also want to experiment with the transitions between videos and possibly see if I can make them a bit longer so that the change isn’t has abrupt. I also plan to play with the volume levels some more to try and get a perfect balance between the tutorial instruction and the music that is playing in the back ground but I definitely like have both the music and the tutorial together. I think having both the music and the tutorial brings a more interesting effect to the video as a whole. The music is really quite but I also don’t want to cover my voice with the music so I need to find a good medium.


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