Audio Story Draft

I chose to do my audio story project on my experiences, and my fellow midshipmen’s experiences in the Naval ROTC program because the program is something that I am passionate about and know a lot about. I had two of my Naval ROTC friends talk about their experiences in ROTC, why they joined and what they have learned during their time in the program and used that as my raw footage for the audio story. I started by cutting up their segments into parts that I thought I might want to add to my story. I then refined the segments into parts that I thought would actually go smoothly together. I found that one of the interviewees had given me a lot more to work with than the other but still tried to alternate information between the two. I also found that one of them had talked quieter so I raised the volume on all of his segments in order to fit the others. I then arranged the segments into an order that seemed to flow the best and make the most sense as a whole. I then added fades to try and make the transitions between voices flow more smoothly and seem more natural. After I had done what I could to make the segments of the other to ROTC midshipmen fit together in a systematic way I then recorded a short segment of myself to be the introduction to the clip. I tried to make an intro that could fit all of the topics discussed during my clips, seeing how there was a wide variety of topics throughout the story that I had created because of the difference in people interviewed. I then added the introduction clip to the begging of the story and faded it in and out. Finally I went back and checked for an ums… or unnecessary pauses in the story.



  1. daviskaisha · March 23, 2015

    I need to introduce the people that I am interviewing throughout my audio story. I also need to adjust the volume between the speakers so that the volume is more consistent throughout my audio story. I faded the story out to much at the end and it makes it hard to here the last word said so I need to make the fade out less dramatic. The intro has a similar problem. I think I will need to record a new intro because the recording did not begin until after I had started talking so it is hard to understand. The pitches of the two interview’s voices are different so I need to adjust volume of the audio to make them sound more consistent throughout the audio story. I should also try and smooth out some of the transitions between the two interviewees so that the story is seamless.


  2. edilajdac · March 24, 2015

    I can tell that you spent a lot of time on this project just by the amount of people you interviewed. Overall, you did a great job. The transitions were great, the introduction was great, and it had a very good flow to it. The only suggestion that I would make would be to maybe put a super tiny pause between each person’s interviews. I thought that it was great, but it also went a little fast and was a little hard to take in everyone’s story. Also, possibly adding a conclusion could wrap it all up nicely. Though it isn’t necessary as the story is great as it is, it could possibly just make it better. Maybe talk about your personal experiences in the Naval ROTC. It would be great to hear what you have to say about the program and if you agree with your fellow midshipmen. Great job!


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