Final Logo

logo sketch Davis-logo davis-logo-for-web

When I first started this project I was unsure what I wanted to make my logo look like but when I thought about my theme for the blog, about me, I decided that something to do with my family would be suitable. I chose to make a tree with my last name on it, representing my family tree, which could be used with any family business. The sketch on the left was my original idea for the logo, the picture in the middle was my draft created with adobe illustrator and the picture on the far right is my revised final draft of the logo. I created the leaves on the tree using the ellipse tool and intersecting the trees in a tree like manner. I erased the lines between the different ellipses by using the pathfinder tool to unite the image to one image. I created the tree trunks and branches using the rectangle tool, copy and pasting the rectangles and adjusting them using the rotatory tool to where I wanted them to be in order to represent branches. I again used the pathfinder and unite tools to make the trunk and branches one image. I chose colors for both images that were close to what I wanted and then used the gradient tool to give a lighting effect to the image. In my draft I used a linear gradient but upon revision looking at suggestions I decided to make the gradient radial to outline the title and give the tree a glowing effect. I tried to find a good balance between the colors to unite the images to one logo. I then added my last name, Davis, using the type tool and changing the font to AR darling and the font to 72. My original draft had my name as a line but on the revision I chose to make my name an arch to add visual effects. I then added a shadow effect to the name to blend it into the picture in a more visually appealing way; I later changed it to a glow effect to signify that the name is key to the logo and to make it easier to read. I then centered the name to the tree and trunk. On revision I curved the trunk using the pin to create rounded triangles which I placed on corners and combined with the image using the same method as with the branches. I then added roots to the image using the pen tool to form the image and the eraser tool to form them to a shape that would better fit the logo. Roots are key to a tree and I felt that to show the strength of the tree representing my family they should be added to the logo. I attached the roots the same way as I have previously done with the branches.


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