Final Graphic Collage



I choose to make my collage on the Marine Corps because I am aspiring to become a United States Marine Corps Officer after graduating college. I chose pictures that I felt represented some of the most important thoughts, values and skills of the Marine Corps to include in my collage. I chose to make the American Flag my background when doing my draft and centered the rest of the pictures on the idea of supporting the American Flag. The pictures are intertwined with the Flag to show that the Marine Corps and the American Flag are intimately intertwined.

With this first draft I failed to cut many of the pictures in a way that would be easy to blend into the flag and to create shadows that would make the pictures seem more natural. I had to revise this when creating my final draft; I cut the sniper picture down to just the nipper by using the erase tool and zooming into the picture. I rounded off the salute picture by using the eraser to cut corners and then by using the smudge tool to round the image out and give it a shadow like effect. For all of my pictures I used the blend if selections in the layer style pop up in order to erase the images in accordance with certain lines of the flag.

One of my peers had committed on my first draft that having the flag intersect the medallions was distracting to the importance of the medallions, but with some help I decided that the flag was the focus and that I was able to appreciate the image more with the flag on top of the medallions. I also changed the font and orientation of some of the photos because of feedback I had received. I made the quote more prominent by using the outer glow option in the layer style section and by choosing a more effective font to portray the ideas of the quote. I also changed the direction of the tank in order to portray it as if it were in action due to the suggestion from my TA. In addition I erased the small flag in the corner because due to the way I had chosen to combine the photos someone who had did not know the memorial that the flag was connected to would be confused by the appearance of a second flag.

Overall I was pleased with my final draft of my collage, this was my first time using photo shop and I enjoyed being able to use my creative abilities to work on a project that I was interested in.

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