Photo Collage Rough Draft


This is the rough draft of my photo collage. I chose to theme my collage after the Marine Corps because I am hoping to become a Marine Corps officer upon graduation from Washington State University. I used,, as resources to find the pictures that I used in my collage. The emblem in the top right corner is the Marine Corps’ emblem. The picture to the left of the Marine Corps emblem is a picture of a officer saluting, this picture shows a little of how the Marine Corps operates, with honor and respect. In the bottom left corner is the emblem for the Marine Corps base in Quantico Virginia where many members of the Marine Corps are trained. Underneath the quote there is a picture of a Marine Corps rifleman and a Marine Corps tank. Both of these pictures show the power, specialty and skill of the Marine Corps, both on their own through the rifleman and with technology through the tank. In the bottom right corner there is a picture of the US Marine Corps War Memorial near Washington D.C. being a memorial this picture shows the United States appreciation for the Marine Corps and what the Corps has done for the United States during times of war. The quote is by John Paul Jones, a famous Captain during the American Revolution. “I have not yet begun to fight” was Captain John Paul Jones response when he was asked to surrender by an English vessel. I chose to integrate the pictures as if they were part of the American Flag to show how the Marine Corps and the military as a whole are part of the nation in an intimate way. I used the blend tool to lessen or increase the dark or light colors seen in each picture in order to make it appear that the pictures were part of the American flag. I also added a shadow to most of the pictures and had to erase the background on some in order to make them fit in as seamless as possible.I Used levels to add different levels of light and opacity to pictures until I felt that the pictures blended together well. I enjoyed working on this rough draft and look forward to improving the collage.



  1. edilajdac · February 2, 2015

    This theme is so personal and it really shows your dedication and love for the Marine Corps. The photos that you chose were very good choices and they all fit together very well. The quote it also great and it shows the essence of what it’s like to be at battle. The colors go very well together, having a central color scheme of red, white, blue and black. However, the collage seems to be lacking something. It looks to be a little bare when it is enlarged. Also, the way that the stripes of the flag cut off parts of the other pictures really takes away from their importance. Also, the quote it a little hard to see because the background of the starts is a little busy. I think that this collage has a lot of potential because you can fell how much you care about the actual theme, though finding a balance between too busy and too little can be hard, especially with central background of the flag.


  2. daviskaisha · February 3, 2015

    While making my own collage I struggled to figure out the best way to incorporate my chosen pictures into the American flag without making it to crowded or seem random. I think my collage could use work on incorporating the pictures in a way that makes them seem like they belong there more seamlessly. A comment from one of my group members suggested that the American flag lines going through the pictures took away from the importance of the pictures. I am going to try and put the pictures on top of the picture of the flag in hopes to make the flag more of a back ground and blend the pictures into the flag in a as seamless as possible fashion. I also would like to try some different ways to attempt to get the quote to stand out better on top of the collage. I also might add some pictures to the collage and find a good balance between not enough and a cluttered appearance.


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